Week 11

CS at Yale

  • It’s been amazing to see the progress everyone’s made this semester.

  • We’ll soon have the Hackathon in Cambridge, where we can meet friends while working on the final project, and the Fair, here in New Haven, where you can present those projects to the entire community.

  • Today we’ll start thinking about life after CS50, and present a few opportunities we have here at Yale, for those of you who want to continue down the path of learning Computer Science.

  • Professor Rushmeier teaches a variety of courses in the CS department, including computer graphics.

  • Computer graphics is the "use of computers to make and use images for exploration, communication, and expression."

  • Research topics include how to generate realistic images and how different image processing methods can be applied to other fields, such as studying statues.

  • Users find problems or areas of interest in the physical world, and data is taken to build digital models, which can then be used to find solutions or observations: