Problem Set 5: Mispellings


  1. Watch Week 5’s lecture.

  2. Answer some questions about a spell checker.

  3. Implement a spell checker.

  4. Submit a form.


For help with Week 5 and Problem Set 5:

  • Attend David’s and Rob’s walkthrough on Wed 10/5, 1pm – 2:30pm, in Sanders Theatre.

  • Watch Zamyla’s walkthroughs herein.

  • Attend your TF’s section (or another if you have a conflict).

  • Take advantage of help50, eprintf, and debug50.

  • Post questions and search answers in CS50 Discuss.

  • Attend individual TFs' and CAs' office hours at HSA.

  • Attend course-wide office hours:

    • Wed 10/5, 9pm – 11pm, Widener

    • Thu 10/6, 9pm – 11pm, Widener

    • Sun 10/9, 3pm – 5pm, atrium of Northwest Science

Getting Started

Log into and execute


within a terminal window to make sure your workspace is up-to-date.

Next, execute

mkdir ~/workspace/pset5/

at your prompt in order to make a directory called pset5 in your workspace directory.

Now execute

cd ~/workspace/pset5/

and your prompt should resemble the below.

~/workspace/pset5/ $

Academic Honesty

Do keep in mind the course’s policy on academic honesty, particularly its "regret clause."


Big Board

If you’d like to put your code to the test against classmates' code (just for fun), execute the command below to challenge the Big Board before or after you submit!

~cs50/pset5/challenge ~/workspace/pset5/speller/

How to Submit

Step 1 of 2

  • Update your IDE:

  • Submit speller:

    cd ~/workspace/pset5/speller/
    submit50 speller

Step 2 of 2

This was Problem Set 5.