Assignment 5: “Legend of Zelda, The Pot Update”


Getting Started

Download the distro code for your first game from and unzip, which should yield a directory called assignment5.

Then, in a terminal window (located in /Applications/Utilities on Mac or by typing cmd in the Windows task bar), move to the directory where you extracted assignment5 (recall that the cd command can change your current directory), and run

cd assignment5

A “Pot”ent Weapon

Welcome to your sixth assignment! We’ve explored the workings of a top-down adventure game in the style of Legend of Zelda and have a fair foundation for anything resembling it, be it a dungeon crawler or a vast 2D game featuring an overworld or the like. Let’s add a few pieces to this sample in order to pay homage to some of the classic Zelda titles and to give our character a shot at actually surviving his trek through the dungeon!

Your goals this assignment:

How to Submit

  1. If you haven’t already, install Git and, optionally, install submit50.
  2. Using Git, push your work to, where USERNAME is your GitHub username, on a branch called games50/assignments/2019/x/5 or, if you’ve installed submit50, execute

    submit50 games50/assignments/2019/x/5


  3. Record a 1- to 5-minute screencast in which you demonstrate your app’s functionality and/or walk viewers through your code. Upload that video to YouTube (as unlisted or public, but not private) or somewhere else.
  4. Submit this form.