Final Project


From Start to Finish

It’s time to begin the course’s culmination: your final project! While most of the course thus far has been a series of assignments centered around adding features to existing code bases, this project will take place from the first line of code to the last, a true end-to-end experience to help tie everything we’ve learned together thus far. The following considerations should be met while designing and implementing your project:

How to Submit

  1. If you haven’t already, install Git and, optionally, install submit50.
  2. Using Git, push your work to, where USERNAME is your GitHub username, on a branch called games50/assignments/2019/x/final or, if you’ve installed submit50, execute

    submit50 games50/assignments/2019/x/final


  3. Record a 1- to 5-minute screencast in which you demonstrate your app’s functionality and/or walk viewers through your code. Upload that video to YouTube (as unlisted or public, but not private) or somewhere else.
  4. Submit this form.